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Fox's Bench

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20 hours ago, Rue said:

That sounds awesome for a first violin! 

You should be very proud! :)

Thanks! I am rather pleased with it! My only regret is I went with budget wood instead of the fancier stuff because I was afraid I was just gonna ruin it.  ;) 


20 hours ago, Ron MacDonald said:

Congratulations, Fox!

Thanks!  :) 


20 hours ago, Jim Bress said:

Congratulations!  Looking forward to more pics. The varnish looked nice from what I could see in the video. 


In the end the varnish does its job, just was a pain to cook, added time/steps I could have saved using pre-made varnish, and my attempt at antiquing came out less-than-satisfactory when compared to the work some folks here do. But then again they have years of experience, I'm just a noob still.  ;) 

But it was a great learning experience!   :D


Here are some mugshots of it!

72625415_Foxs00120181005_160657_1024rev1.thumb.jpg.34273a35e24597804524a0e8e82e7618.jpg  370642354_Foxs00120181005_161115_1024rev1.thumb.jpg.8d0a6a8e6fd1d30d3e479057f3ad069d.jpg

It has a different tailpiece on the video (a 'compensated harp'). I'm still experimenting with elements of the setup to fine-tune it (it likes the harp best).  :) 

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8 hours ago, ctanzio said:

Wow! A good looking violin with a warm, full sound on your first attempt! Thanks for sharing.


8 hours ago, Thomas Coleman said:

Great job Fox!



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