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Zoom H6 recordings my last two violins

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Got myself new toy/tool. Still learning how to use it but I`d like to share few recordings of my last couple of violins. Violin & piano parts and a couple of solo parts. Room (12x7x4m) was not as dry as I would want it, and I would position the violin closer to the mics next time. Distance from the players was about 4-5m. I used the x/Y 90° plug in stereo mics that came in set with h6. No "post processing" just conversion from WAV to MP3. All  in all I think this is a decent device for a price even used with it`s owne mics. Any recording tips from someone that use h6 (or h4....) is most welcome. No need to say I guess, but anyway, use the headphones or a decent stereo to listen. 


Violin 1 Bach Sarabande.mp3

Violin 1 G-major scale.mp3



Violin 2 Bach Sarabande.mp3

Violin 2 G-major scale.mp3


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Piano player and myself prefered number 2, but the violinist liked no.1 more. Diferent perspectives I guess, since the player is behind the bow and judging more faktors that define an instrument than the listener.

I firgot to mention musicians: Piano - Tadej Horvat ; Violin - Nejc Avbelj 

Othervise the violins are based on the Del Gesu 1734 Lo "Stauffer" form.

Thanks for listening .

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Thank you Evan.

What am I realy interested in is what kind of recording is the best suted as a presentation material. Something like first impression the maker can offer to a customer that need the first information about your instruments.

Here is one more sound clip that was recorded with the same equipment as the above ones. But taken in a smaller studio room which was completly dry. Zoom 6 was five feet closer than in first situation. Played on my earlyer violin of the same model and similar performance. Sound is quite diferend. I seems to me that the second one is more informative in face stuf that is more truthfull and real like than the first ones. First ones are more like we are used from a regular studio recordings. Moore pleasent to the ears.

What kind of recording to you prefere for the purpose I described. I know that the judgement by recording is almost imposible but anyway. 


Another player.

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