Arpeggiando Belongs to "Ricochet Family" or "Spiccato Family"?

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Hi, I finally get my friggin'  Up-Bow Staccato of Kreutzer 4 up to 80BPM, and  Sautillé of Kreutzer 2 down to 70BPM, but I'm sooooooo curious about the relationship (family) between these crazy bow strokes... (even though obviously I can't work on a new bow stroke before I can control these two when playing up to tempo)

Because in Chinese, Arpeggiando is " 琶音跳弓", ("跳弓"= Spiccato), yet, Ricochet is called " 拋弓"... Does it mean that Arpeggiando is a baby of the Spiccato family instead of the Ricochet family? Or it's both? (Spiccato & Ricochet have a baby together:wub:) thank you


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