Old Saxony Violin?

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Our shop recently acquired an old violin reminiscent of the E. Martin Amati copies. The violin lacks a label and the usual Martin hallmark on the button. The purfling isn't a close to the edge as the Martins that I've seen, but the arching, modeling and wood selection all remind me of the Martins. Does anyone know if Martin sold their violins unbranded/unlabeled to import companies? If nothing else I'm wondering if this violin originates from the same region.







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Since no one has jumped in to answer your questions, I'll try... You don't show two angles of the scroll that (according to our sensei, Jacob Saunders) would allow us to determine whether this was Saxon--the back of the scroll (is there a delta, aka "dog nose"?) or whether the fluting on the scroll stops around 6 o'clock or "goes to the bitter end."  You didn't post close images of the corners either, though it seems that the top and back overhang the corner somewhat, so perhaps not rasped off, though I can't see where the seam is on the ribs.  Perhaps a person more expert than I (which is to say, just about everyone here) will weigh in.  Lovely one-piece back, in any case.

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Beside that I won't call this an Amati copy, because I can't see any close resemblance to this maker, these usually Amati labelled violins with highly flamed one piece backs were a common product of the Markneukirchen trade in the early 20th century. There weren't "made by" any particular company, rather "made for". Here we can find them with labelling or branding of firms like Schuster, Windisch, Heberlein or even without any, while they were probably exported to America under the flag of firms like mentioned in the OP.

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