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Hamberger Adjustable Soundpost for Violin

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31 minutes ago, Jerry Pasewicz said:

Agreed Martin, but why make products that any idiot can make a mess of, especially when they do not do the same job as the original?  Selling these as an antidote to responsibly taking care of your instrument and bow invites problems....especially as that claim is inaccurate.

"Installing the HSP is very easy, but we still recommend it being fitted by an expert.

The manufacturer will not be liable for damages on your instrument owing to inappropriate handling of Hamberger Soundpost"


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1 minute ago, martin swan said:

Damn I'm going to get these guys to put me on a retainer, I'm working so hard ...

You certainly are, and we already know they are not liable......

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Jerry, I think you overlooked one important feature of the hamburger soundpost. With the magnets (with rubber protection, of course) on both sides of the violin over the soundpost position, it will reset the soundpost tension to the near zero tension that it could easily collapse if you take all the pressure from the strings off, like how good fitted soundpost does. With that as a basis, I could gradually increase the soundpost tension to where I like the sound the most. And usually, it would be just either a small increment or not at all, so I don't see any harm using this soundpost. 

Talking about the sound, I recognise it's noticeably better and more stable. And I am more than happy to pay this amount of money for that alone. 

Anyway, I would love to know if anyone using hamburger soundpost and has a problem with the violin due to the post design and material, so I could be aware and re-evaluate the safety of using this thing. 


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