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Hi, the bow frog, can you please put a photo of the face side, I mean the flat side where the silver ring is flat where the hair is at the top, so we can see the slide (shell) and I can see if it has a back brace of metal at the end of the shell slide or missing, as in none, just ebony?

Ta luv.

I can see someone has put a metal brace around the frog end, probably cos the wood was spoilt or cracked?

The green verdigris on the ring around the pearl eye means it has copper un it, rather than silver, gold or stainless steel. The frog ebony is not top quality as I can see it has browner patches in it.

The leather wrapping looks like alligator. The little bit of the stick wood looks like it is spirit stained Brazil wood, could be German, or British.

Any discernable printed lettering or numerical marks on the wood? The head, or tip end. Need a side on photo of that, and one of the top.

what's the length of the stick excluding the end pin?


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