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Fake certificates on ebay?

mathieu valde

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On 01/02/2018 at 3:26 PM, mathieu valde said:

Look, those "certificates" are going viral, at least on ebay. funny - at first it is certificate (in ebay item tittle), than it is something else in a "certificate" itself, and finaly at the end it is not a certificate and not a legal document (as german says - kleingedruckte). Or is it ok to make papers like that?

(it is listed together as pictures). 


With regard to the violin in question, the seller's Ebay handle "fricfrac" maybe relates to one of the many handles of the French seller frcfra, also known as "Violins Anciens", who is in turn the author of the certificate.

If proof of this were required, beyond the familiar backdrop of a white breezeblock wall in the harsh Beziers sun, no-one has rotated the pegs between the taking of the certificate photos and the taking of the listing photos.

We jokingly talk about arsewipe certificates, self penned efforts which are of no conceiveable function until you happen to run out of toilet paper. I wonder if any toilet emergency would be dire enough for me to bring this particular piece of paper in contact with my person ...

Very happy for any of this to be quoted in a court of law.

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20 hours ago, Violadamore said:

I can't seem to find the thread anymore, but anyone else recall that "French" certificate with an address in the "Rue de Roum"? :lol:

Most of my violins have come from RUE THE  DAY.  :)

BTW, my favorite street name in Paris is RUE DU CHAT QUI PECHE.


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20 hours ago, martin swan said:

...no-one has rotated the pegs between the taking of the certificate photos and the taking of the listing photos...

Ah, the sharp observation of the experienced eye. I'd missed that.

When I was a small boy in the 1960s the first luthier I met, somewhere in the North West of England, I think called Wrigglesworth or similar (anyone remember him?) joked about there being a lot of fiddling in the violin trade. I didn't take him seriously, assuming that violin dealers lead a sheltered existence and are shocked by minor pecadillos. Of course he turned out to be right. This kind of thing pushes me and maybe others towards new build and away from buying a used instrument or bow, even though I know I'd make a big loss on a resale, so it could be bad for dealers and good for makers. There again, dealers do not, I suppose, live from those whose needs are as modest as mine: a couple of violins and a few bows in a lifetime, bought mainly on looks because I know no better!


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