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Pedi case viola bow holder question


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2 hours ago, Nick Allen said:

Probably not. You might just end up with a little groove there on the chin rest eventually. If the pressure is high enough, it could cause a seam to pop or something under humidity fluctuation. 

You could get a new chin rest, or shave the edge down a little bit perhaps.

Actually it is just touching the edge of the chinrest. I don't clamp the chinrest a lot, I keep it as relaxed possible. The good thing about Guarneri chin rests is that they are mounted above the endblock.  The case is zipped without effort too.,

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I took an online look at Pedi cases, and apart from their "Streamliner" dart shaped case, which seems to be made only for violin and doesn't look like your photo, all of their violin/viola cases have the bow holders at the bottom of the open case top. That would put the bows on the instrument's treble side, away from the chinrest when the case is closed. No current Pedi cases I could find from an online search had a bow holder where yours does. Could you show us a photo with a wider perspective?

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