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On 2/12/2018 at 7:34 AM, curious1 said:

It is worth remembering that instruments rarely encounter something that is truly sharp or rough. Even buckles, case locks, etc are all somewhat softened. Violins tend to get bumped into things like wooden stands, cabinets, etc.

I especially like pegs and bridges for putting in dents because of the many complex and softened shapes to chose from all in the same object.

Thanks for reemphasizing this, I didn't catch it thoroughly the first time, glad that you mentioned it again. I am guilty of using too many sharp objects.

Keep pounding,,, it will get through my thick skull eventually,,,,,,,,,,,,that's why I'm here, for a brain change, a grey matter correction.

Evan Hardhead

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It's worth noting that varnish often becomes darker in the areas where it wears, before it's wiped off and the area becomes pale.

I often see a shading pattern from dark straight through to light, in new violins, which to my eye looks as if the varnish was put on that way, rather than worn off that way. As I try to imitate just a few years of wear, this is very important.

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