Bass Bar Clamps

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On 1/9/2018 at 1:30 AM, carl1961 said:

nice and sturdy, just have to be careful so you don't crush the top.

This cannot happen even if you try very hard.

BB, before shaping, is 4 times thicker than typical top thickness, which makes it at least 50 times (!) stronger than the top, so no matter how hard you clmap it's not going to happen.

I made a counter jig for the clamping, but I ended up not using it, for all practicality it wasn't needed. (See below pics )



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I'm attaching drawings and pics here, hope it is easy to figure out if you want to make them.

If you have any Qs , pls PM me.

Materials : Clamp : I used Herdim repair clamp 50 x 80 mm

             When you drill a hole in the clamp, file it slightly hollow so that drill bit doesn't stray. ( clamp Herdim to a piece of wood when drilling )

                    Rod A : carbon fiber   .787 " x .196 "   (20 x 5.0 mm)

                    Rod B : carbon fiber   .325 " x .187 "   (8.3 x 4.8 mm)

                Metal screw (H) : stainless steel #4-32, 1/2 inch

                Washer (G) : stainless steel washer for  #4-32 screws

               Anchor rod (D) : plastic vn tail gut, this stabilize the small piece ( prevent rotation )

               C : tap or drill smaller hole and force 4-32 screw tight    

               F :  cork 2mm thick ( outside 2 layers )

               H : 4-32 screws are attached but free to move 5° in  every direction

              E : this stabilize the main rod to stay in the right angle (90°), shouldn't be tight,  snug, free to move around

Glue : super glue (thin, like Krazy glue), also size the  cut end with super glue

Cutting caron fiber rods : bandsaw or handsaw, make sure it doesn't splinter in the endgrain, if it happens , fix it w/superglue.

Koo Young Chung 

PS : If you make these clamps and used, pls post here tell me how it went, thanks.








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