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Bow wrapping device?

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21 hours ago, FiddleDoug said:

That"s a Flyer from a spinning wheel. Nothing to do with luthiery.

Hi FiddleDoug - don't leave a guy hanging pedaling air - How does it work?

I mulled, I thought, I thunked...

- do the individual threads come though the hooks and get spun and twisted? If so, where do they come from? How do they avoid becoming a bird's-nest - or is that the aim? If the bobbin is the take up spool where do the individual threads sit?

On the boundary of a nearby golf course there are quite a few yellow garden spiders. I have often thought that if one harvested the radial lines of the web...

Details, please details...

cheers edi

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Hi FiddleDoug - many thanks - an interesting afternoon's reading.

Now shall I or shan't I? Expand my interests into spinning and weaving.

But first I'd have to get another wolf-dog to collect his winter moultings.


Chetka - He was a huge furry animal, always ready to climb into the Subaru and come for a drive with us. It was sufficient just to say 'No, you have to stay at home" for him to turn away from the car and watch us drive off. I always chose something at the restaurant so that I could bring  something home for him. He had superb manners. He'd sit  and wait until it was offered to him. Every time he would first sniff at it and then take from your hand so very, very gently.


I still miss him - badly.

cheers edi


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9 hours ago, David Burgess said:

Sheep are arguably better, when it comes to woolly pursuits. ;)

Mmm Dave - is that a typo? Did you possibly mean 'woolfy' pursuits? Never seen a sheep chase anything - other than ambushing a terrified blade of grass.

Hi FiddleDoug - you could be right. Although it was more  a case of a sheep in wolf's clothing. He was the most even tempered animal imaginable.

The first time we took Chetka to the farm he climbed out of the car and looked around. Head Sheep saw this large white sheep-like animal and confidently approached. C in turn stopped and looked at HS curiously - something new to be considered.  HS got to within 2m of C and FROZE - for all of 3 seconds - exhaled a panic sounding snort/bleat, did a rapid pirouette and fled. The flock obediently following - never saw them for the remainder of our visit. The goats were mildly and cautiously interested but kept their distance. The chickens ignored him and carried on as usual. The dogs said hello and welcome.

Even our resident flock of Guinea Fowl considered him harmless. The Mountain Pigeons reserved judgement.


cheers edi

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