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About very flexible top plate and bass bar


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Hi everybody, I need your opinions about the bass bar. 

I am making a new violin, form model is Guarneri Kreisler 1733.

My used sound plate wood is 20 yearly, very dry but very soft and flexible on X and Y axis. My used thicknesses are on middle 33 mm and on the top and end 25-26 mm. And sound plate is 62 gr. 

The structure of the veins are narrow (1-1.2 mm), flat and regular. (I will add photos)

Now, I think about the bass bar making. I have to make a strong bass bar, but the bass bar won't interfere with the flexible of the top plate.

So, I did make bass bar thickness 6 mm. And I think I'll make the highest point 12.8 mm and end portions 3,8 - 4 mm. 


So, while this is the case, how can I make te bass bar form shape ? 

I saw on luis claudio manfio's violin, he make a flat shapes bass bar. 

 Is that what I should do? or any different shapes, or original ? 


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This is what I do.

1. Find the midpoint of the stop (195mm from the edge next to the neck) and center of the bass bar, call it M.

2. Find the midpoint of the upper end point of the bass bar and the point M, call it A.

3. Find the midpoint of the lower end point of the bass bar and point M, call it B.

This is the measurements using a thickness caliper including the top thickness.

M : 14.5 - 15 mm

A, B :  10.5 - 11 mm

End points (upper & lower )  : 5.5 mm

4. Connect the points with a smooth curve.

( slightly concave , then flattish broad convex and slightly concave again)

You adjust the numbers depending on the tap tones and flexibility  of the plate.


Hope this helps,


Koo Young Chung


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