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Forgotten Viola repertoire


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Putting together viola music for a YT playlist I came across some interesting and unknown (to me) repertoire:

Röntgen viola sonata 

Joly Braga Santos concerto

Jacques Francaix rhapsody for viola and orchestra 

Hikaru Hayashi concerto

Beside this, the Rosza concerto and Martinu Rhapsody are seldom played.


Any other viola works we can add to this list?

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I'd say most of the viola repertoire - aside from the Bartok Concerto is forgotten and rarely played in public.  It's too bad.   I think in my lifetime I have had live opportunities to hear the Bartok maybe 4-5 times, the Walton once.  And that is it.  I think they played the Piston concerto on the local classical station once and Hindemith's der Schwanenderer once (which is such a beautiful work - Hindemith could only compose beautiful works for the viola it seems). 


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Hmm... hard question to answer.

I've only ever heard one recording of Alan Shulman's Homage to Erik Satie.  Never heard it live.

The 10 Caprices by Maurice Vieux are mostly unknown and are interesting.

I'm amazed that Brahms' 2 Gesänge, op. 91 aren't more frequently performed but they're hardly unknown.


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22 minutes ago, Andrew Victor said:

 Schubert's Arpeggione Sonata is much better suited to viola than to cello on which it is more frequently heard.

That would seem to be a matter of particular taste, probably the taste of a violist, considering the (very) limited repertoire.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that!"

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1 hour ago, Andrew Victor said:

i would like to recommend the Zelter concerto

Same here, its worth learning. But if you have worked on Stamitz and Hoffmeister to the point where you are burned out with those, you may want to wait and go back to it later. 

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AtlVcl, since the Arpeggione Sonata is "transcribed" for any instrument that plays it other than the arpeggione - it is transcribed for any instrument existing today (except for the very few 6-string arpeggiones that are around).

What I meant is that it while that sonata is generally considered a virtuoso piece on cello (at least with current notation), on viola it falls within the technical level of such things as the Zelter, Telemann, Mendelssohn sonata or Mozart Sinfonia Concertante.

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