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the British Bow

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I heard from a new book called The British Bow J Saunders

see  the Strad 21 January 2016

I don't seem to be able to find it on Mr. Saunder's site (the violin expert we all know here)

or anywhere else for that matter.

and since I wasn't aware of his keenness on bows I am a bit at lost

It looks very interesting and beautiful pictures and I am very interested

Has anybody bought it?  is there a review ?

thank you for your help


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not by Saunders. Co-Authored by Kass and Babbit, published by the VSA. 


I have it. The text is the lecture/article by Kass that was published in the IPCI volumes with some revision and re-editing.

A good and interesting, to use auction parlance, book.

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