One Very Loud Note (A5)

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After moving the post yesterday, and before leaving for work, I played every instrument that was strung up.  They all have some notes that are ringy like that.  The violins ALL do that at the A on the E.  The viola was higher up; maybe around F on the A, and not so bright.  Maybe my ears are just sensitive today.  The Ole Bull with a wedge fingerboard of Yucatan Rosewood, and gut strings is the brightest,  with a lot of notes that are like that.  Different models, different woods, different strings, all with the same characteristic.  Is it just that the strings just really resonate well that much shorter?  Maybe the Strad one is just not that good, and only has a few good notes, and the Ole Bull is that much better?  Very low damping on everything I make?  It isn't afterlength; some are set at a fifth, others at a minor 6th,  the viola at a flat fifth; depending on the stop, and the length of the instrument.  The sounds aren't offensive; they just seem to jump out at you.  It isn't humidity; the basement is always around 55% with the dehumidifier on in the warm months.  It's colder down there now, but I doubt that would do it.

It doesn't seem to be a random thing.  They all have it.


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On 11/13/2017 at 3:12 AM, FoxMitchell said:

I have a violin with a peculiar quirk: The strings are all evenly balanced and it plays well, but one specific note, the A on the E string on first position (A5) is disproportionally loud! It's painfully loud, in fact!

I have tried adjusting the soundpost, it doesn't seem to do much to tone it down; tried also making a new bridge for it and that actually made it even louder! Strings afterlength is where it's supposed to be.

1. Anybody ever had something like this?

2. Are there any solutions for it?

3. Something else to try perhaps that doesn't involve opening it up?  ;) 

1. I did. It happens quite often.

2. Yes.

3. All I could suggest is to take the violin to a reputable VM specializing in setups. He'll deal with it in short order and you'll have a well adjusted violin to enjoy playing on.

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