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How do you play fifths on high positions


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How do you play fifths on higher positions where the strings are much farther apart, say A5 on the A string and E6 on the E string? Do you:

A. Use two separate finger for each note

B. Use one finger flattened to hit both notes

C. Use one finger, and drag one string closer to the next one

D. Some other technique

Let's just say I don't have access to  a good teacher in my country to help on this and I genuinely would like to know the different ways different players deal with such.

Thank you :)

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Most fine music is composed by people who know the limitations of each instrument of the orchestra.  I can't really think of any high 5ths in the standard rep.  If you are playing your own music, jazz, for example, you might likely be playing on strings that are lower to the fingerboard.

There may be some chords where the 1st or second finger would play a fifth, and to my knowledge a player would just learn to place the fingers just right (which is true of a lot of double stops even in 1st position).  One has to sort of manipulate and adjust.  All the more impressive a feat when you hear real virtuosi play double-stop harmonics. 

If you really found it necessary, you could go to a luthier and have a bridge notched to bring the strings a bit closer together, too.

As far as using two fingers, I don't think that would work well at all, even more so in high positions.


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