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Playing Concert...but no strings! Ebay Dominated theives!


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Don't worry about it. Just buy online....waste of my hard earned money buying Dominant violin strings. Some Shyster wasting my time on EBAY! Why do I. Do it! I must either be completely insane, or lost all reason to expect to part with my hard earnt money for the crap. In the UK it's full of bullshit online.

I might as well string up a dead sheep, cut it's inards out, get a spinning jenny, some engine oil, and make gut strings!

Oips there goes another rubber tree plant.

£47 quid is a Mahler symphony. I bloody hate Mahler too.

F it. I'm sick of jarg sellers online.


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I buy my strings from the larger online shops in the US and have never had a problem at any time with orders.  I prefer online because I do not have to pay sales tax or a shipping fee and it is delivered right to my front door. I try any of the brands when they are offered at a promotional pricing and tend to buy big on Black Friday which tends to have the best sales of the year on music supplies.

I suppose it can be frustrating to you when  you order something online and it has been misrepresented and delivered as an inferior product. Find out where your friends  buy their gear or better yet find a local shop which you like and make your purchases from them. The three local shops near me do not carry gut strings other than Olive and Passione.

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