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Bow Depreciation - Common Repairs

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I am curious about the devaluation caused by a couple of repairs. 

Removing a frog from a bow stick can be quite a delicate job, and those who do it incorrectly risk the eyelet catching the stick and chipping it. A repair I often see on bows is some sort of epoxy filler to cover up this common mistake. It is not the prettiest of fixes, so does it have any affect on bow value?

Another common damage I see is that some bows have warped ferrules due to a tight spreader wedge. How severe is this damage?

 Also what would be the effect of a bushing to a valuation? 

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I can't quantify the depreciation of these damages, but I think the first is the worst.  A ferrule bent by a tight wedge can be straightened or even replaced with no trace of the damage remaining.  And a bushing can be done invisibly.

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