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Amateur Dieudonne

J.Tournier Paris Bow

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Have encountered a bow yesterday stamped J TOURNIER PARIS.

Henley says J Tournier made 20 violins - no mention of bows.

Other web searching brought up information which made it seem that "he" was more of an instrument dealer than maker.

I found references to Tournier wind instruments  for instance........oh, and guitars.

Can anyone fill out this picture a bit more?

I'm sorry I don't have photos of the bow ( although I may be able to obtain some later -if they are of interest ).

I know enough to see it is not junk, but my bow appreciation is still way too sketchy to know what I was actually looking at. 

Does anyone know whether Tournier was supplied by a known maker or workshop or factory.........?


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Most are from JTL with the J tournier stamp , but ive also seen them by Morizot pere, Ouchard Pere, Bazins  and possibly supplied by the Nurnbergers. The stamps vary as well often just Tournier or j Tournier without Paris.

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Thanks for your esteemed reply FC.

This one definitely says J Tournier Paris(in caps).

Do you mean that the ones by Morizot pere and Ouchard pere are likely fine maker bows,

Bazin or Nurnberger would leave the attribution much more wide open and JTL could be more or less anything?

There were no visible numerals/scratches on stick or slide and the chamfers on the head were rather well cut I thought.

Would photos allow you to go further?

Thank you for your consideration :)

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