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Glue for underslide

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In my frog making class it was suggested to use Ponal Wasserfest glue to glue the underslide to the frog. Is there any other glue that would work just as well that is easier to get?


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Instrument makers have it easy. Hot hide glue.

But bow makers are all over the map. The closest I’ve heard to anything resembling a rule is to use more water resistant adhesives at the grip due to sweaty hands. CA glue works fine. In reality so does liquid hide glue in spite of the admonition. I wouldn’t stress over it.

What’s probably more important is your prep and working techniques.

Rough up the gluing surface of the silver prior to gluing. Some use acid. Others sand paper.

Pin the silver before stressing it with filing.

Always file or sand pushing the silver into the wood, not prying it away.

Drill the initial portion of the hole for the eyelet that penetrates the silver slightly wider than the eyelet. Then switch to slightly undersize for the wood. This can help avoid the thread of the eyelet from prying up on the silver as you screw it in for the first time.

What I would love to see is a questionnaire handed out to bow makers asking “what types of glue have you used on the various parts of the bow, bonding what materials and how effective were they? I wish the VSA would take it up as a project. To me, the value of such a statistical survey seems a no brainer. I put the request in years ago when they were soliciting topics to pursue, but never did hear back.


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The link to Ebay says Ponal wood glue. Will this glue metal to wood? Is the Ponal waterproof wood glue preferred because of potential moisture from the hand? I actually used Gorilla glue this week to glue an underslide and it seemed to work fine.

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