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Silk bow wrap durability?


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Many years ago when I was in her classes, Lynn Hannings recommended applying Scotchguard to silk windings to make them stain resistant.  I've never tried it because I don't do silk wrappings.  A quick internet search tells me that there are several different Scotchguard products; I don't know which she was using.

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Thanks for the replies. I've seen used bows with silk wrappings that looked pretty dogged and drab, so I kind of knew the answer to my question already. But it happens that I'm bow shopping now, and as I said, seeing a lot of modern bows with silk wrappings. The lack of long term durability makes me lose interest. One could always switch to a different wrap, but it's an artistic choice the makers made and I'm not inclined to cavalierly change it. Not to mention the balance changing issue. It seems a shame that so many bows I might otherwise be interested in get dropped from my list for that, but so be it.

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