Asset Manager Verifying Clients "Inherited Violin"

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Client provided an unusual asset that needs verifying.

Pictures provided have been taken by the client, though clearer, more precise images will be made available once in our custody.

Open to comments please, as the asset has been held by the current owner for many years.

Limited details until package is received the next few days.
















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You do not mention where you are, but if you were here (Austria) you would need a „Nachlassgericht“ for that. They would (quite rightly) say that they have no idea about violins, and appoint a „beeideter Sachverständiger“ (sworn in expert) which would as lightly as not be me. I would then tell the „Gericht“ (court) that it is a low quality Bohemian School violin from the end of the 19th C. in need of repair, and of little or no commercial value at all, and write you a bill for my services that excedes the value of the violin by quite a lot. My private advice on the side would be to shove it in the skip with the other junk, and pretend it had never existed.

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36 minutes ago, Amateur Dieudonne said:

The attribution is unquestionably a classic "Attic Strad" ..........:D

It's a pity so much of Aristotle is lost.  I'm sure he would have had a lot to say about them.  :ph34r::lol:

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