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VSA Preconvention session

Roderick Quiros

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Here are photos from the Library of Congress and Smithsonian. 

Here are some shots of the LoC foyer. 



Here we are at the LoC viewing their collection.


That afternoon we went over to the Smithsonian for a great quintet performance. We got to see and handle these instruments. The next two photos are the Ole Bull made by Stradivari in 1687. 



Another Strad. I forgot its attribution. "The instrument after the Ole Bull is the 1695 Strad viola with the coronet on the top under the fingerboard known now as the Herbert Axelrod." - David Pope.


Here Chris Germain and Philip Kass examine the Strad cello which is magnificent. 



Claire Curtis and the Smithsonian curator, Kenneth Slowik, examing a "chimera" (LOL). 


Close up shot of the jeweled corners of the N. Amati also shown in the other photos below.





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I am sure it would be of interest to the group at large to see the pics of the instruments folks took at the Library and the Smithsonian.  I've set up an public album titled VSA tours in Photobucket, but I don't know how to make that available to others.  If anyone can fill in that gap in my knowledge, I'd appreciate it. 

Would participants be willing to share their photos?  I saw you snapping away, Roderick...  But others took lots of pics as well.

I confess my self-interest here because I decided to focus on seeing the instruments rather than photographing them and that my only contribution here is to set up the album.

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