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Terry Maurice

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New prices and several books added!

  I am downsizing my personal collection of violin books and wish to sell them.  All of the books are in good to very good condition, except as noted.   Price of the book does not include shipping, but shipping will be charged at cost only.  I am located in Guelph, ON, Canada.  All prices are in US$.  Books will be sold on a first come first served basis.  Please respond only to me at tmaurice@golden.net if you are interested. I don't want to clutter up the Message Board with replies.

List of Violin Books for Sale    Contact Terry Maurice tmaurice@golden.net for further details


The Art of Violin Making  Johnson and Courtnall Very good condition      $98.00

Violin Making A Practical Guide Juliet Barker  Hardcover  Good Condition  $18.00

The Making of Stringed Instruments  George Buchan;an  Softcover       $18.00

Violin Varnishes Interesting information on resins and basic materials Hardcover   $18.00 


Violin Restoration – A manual for Violin Makers 2nd printing, Hardcover            $240.00      Sold!      
H. Weisshaar – M. Shipman  Excellent condition, like new

The Secrets of Stadivari – Hardcover with dust jacket VG condition, like new        $150.00 New Price!
S. Sacconi Cremona 2000

Deutsche Bogenmacher – Hardcover 2 Volumes in box                    $290.00    SOLD!
German Bow Makers
K. Grunke, H.K. Schmidt, W. Zunterer  Excellent condition, like new

Masterpieces of Italian Violin Making - Hardcover                    $55.00      SOLD!
D. Rattray  Balafon Books 2000  Excellent condition like new            

The Violin Book - Hardcover in box case                         $25.00      SOLD!        
Various Contributors, Ed. Dillworth, Rattray, etc
2000, No. 213 of 6000 Book and box VG, some light spotting on dust cover            

The Violin Makers of the Guarneri Family Softcover                    $10.00     SOLD!
Dover 1989   Good condition

The Art of Violin Design – Softcover                            $10.00            Sold!
S. Muratov 2002  Good condition

The Violin Makers of Bohemia – Hardcover                        $155.00     SOLD!
Karl Jalovec  Anglo Italian Publications
Some wear and creasing to dust jacket, some fading
on hardboard edges of cover contents all very good

The British Violin Makers – Hardcover                            $30.00
Morris - Pelican 2006 Excellent condition                                 
The British Violin Makers – Softcover                            $15.00
Morris - Pelican 2006 Excellent condition

The Amadeus Book of the Violin – Hardcover Very Good condition                $15.00
W. Kolneder Amadeus Pres 1993     

Practical Acoustics of Instrument of the Violin Family – Softcover            $15.00
Ian James  Henry Strobel 2nd printing Excellent condition

How to Make a Violin Bow – Hardcover                                                         $95.00    SOLD!
Frank Henderson – Autographed by the Author to Rudolf Keil
Wear to the dust jacket, but otherwise in very good condition

Violin Bow Making – Hardcover                                                                        $100.00      SOLD!  
A. Bolander Jr., 2nd edition, 1981 Good condition

The Bow – Its History, Manufacture and Use – Hardcover                    $15.00
H. Saint George, Strad Library No. 111 1896 Edition E. Shore & Co.
Yellowing front pages with small stains to cover

Turpentine Violin Varnish – Hardcover                                                        $75.00    SOLD!
With separate Formulation Manual – Softcover spiral binding
W. Fulton, 1988

Musical Instruments European and American                                 $10.00
A. Baines, Viking Press 1966 Good condition

The Repair and Restoration of Violins – Hardcover                         $15.00
H. Petherick, Strad Library Reprint Excellent condition

How to Repair Violins – Hardboard cover                            $10.00
Alfred Common, London Wm. Reeves 1969 Good condition

Bows and Bowmakers -  Softcover                                $20.00
Wm. Retford, Strad Libary reprint 1999

Art and Method of the Violin Maker – Softcover                        $18.00    
H. Strobel

Violin Making Step by Step – Softcover                            $18.00
H. Strobel

Cello Making Step by Step – Softcover                            $20.00        SOLD!

Known Violin Makers                                     $5.00
J. Fairfield, 6th Editon

Stradivaris Genius - Softcover                                $5.00
T. Faber, Random House 2004

The Violin and Viola - History Structure Techniques, soft cover                $5.00
S. Nelson, Dover 2003

Notices of Anthony Stradivari, soft cover                        $5.00
F. J. Fetis, Music For Strings 2005

The Violin Family, hard cover                                $8.00
New Grove Boyden et al, WWNorton 1989

The Violin Maker: A Search for Secrets of Craftmanship, Sound and Stradivari        8.00
soft cover  J. Marchese, Harper 2008

Joseph Guarnerius: His Work and His Master, hard cover                    $8.00    SOLD!
Horace Petherick, Strad Library reprint 1998

The Violin Explained: Components, Mechanism and Sound, hard cover, dust jacket        $35.00
Joseph Beament, Oxford Press 1997

The Early Violin and Viola: A Practical Guide, soft cover                $22.00
Robin Stowell, Cambridge U.P. 2001

Violin Owners Manual: The Complete Guide, soft cover                    $5.00   SOLD!
Various Contributors, James McKean, Lustermann 2001

Common Sense Instrument Care, soft cover                        $9.00
James McKean, String Letter Publication1996

The Violin Maker: Finding A Centuries Old Tradition in a Brooklyn Workshop        $5.00
hard cover, dust jacket
J. Marchese, HarperCollins Publishers, 2007

Violin and Cello Building and Repairing, hard cover                    $5.00
R. Alton, Wm. Reeves, London 1946

Treatise on the Structure and Preservation of the Violin, hard cover            $10.00
J. Augustus Otto, Wm Reeves London, 4th edition

The Violincello: Its History, Selection and Adjustment, hard cover            $10.00
A. Broadley, Strad Library, No. xxi 1921, Ex library, cover damaged spine

Practical Violin Making 1968, 23 pages, soft cover                    $8.00
E. Fraser

Violin Makers Guide, soft cover, with diagrams and fold-outs                $8.00
International Guitar and Import, Tulsa, OK 1974

Colours for Violin Varnish: A Survey of Pigments and Dyes, soft cover,            $5.00
with colour sample insert
Pip Seymor, Lee Press, London, 2002

The Violin: How to Keep the Violin in Order, soft cover, fold-out diagram        $20.00
A. W. White, Boston Music 1892, some yellowing to front pages, tape on top edge

Further Basic String Repairs, soft cover                        $15.00
A. Burgan, Leeds England, revised 1996

How to Rehair Bows -  J.P. McKinney  Large size 15"X11" University Press 1970  $14.00

Many pictures and diagrams.  Some wear and spotting to heavy stock card cover. 15 pages

The Countess of Stanlein Restored, hard cover                        $5.00
N. Delbanco, London 2001

The Violin: History, Aesthetics, Manufacturing and Acoustics, hard cover        $10.00
Emile Leipp, University of Toronto Press, 1969, dust jacket wear

I also have several of the How They Play Series of books if anyone is interested.  Vol. 1, 2 and 6.

Edited by Terry Maurice
New books added and some books sold
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