Managing our wood stock - how much wood we need?

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2 minutes ago, chungviolins said:

You did twice, pick either R or E, not both.



That's because my predicted average production rate increases after R because I have no intention of actually retiring. :D  Here I was thinking you would take issue with my life expectancy.

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On 9/22/2017 at 12:10 PM, not telling said:

First step in your recovery is to admit that you have a problem, second step is to send a pallet of your loveliest tonewood to me. I will pm you my address. This is going to be really good for you. I'm happy to help free you of this dangerous addiction.


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Putting up a large selection of wood allows  the maker to select pieces to hopefully best suit the particular instrument. As David mentioned, you also know the minimum age of the seasoned wood you are working with.

The pine beetle has been migrating into Alberta because our winters have become milder. Previously the -40C winters would kill them off and prevent them from migrating East over the Rocky Mountains. Pine Beetle in Alberta

The Eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta is (was?) a good habitat for slowly grown Englemann Spruce.

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