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Login attempts of would-be hackers

not telling

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Apparently someone cares enough to try to impersonate me or hack my account and otherwise just make things interesting. Aww, I'm touched. I look forward to seeing future posts of mine that I didn't write.  Good luck, whoever you are. My password is unpredictable, wordy, and nonsensical, like me. 

Unfortunately the system locks users out of their own accounts for a few minutes when that sort of action is detected.  That is annoying. Any way to change the default security measures to, say, an email asking the user to confirm or deny that the login attempt was made by themselves?

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Unfortunately that's not an option right now, but the board software continues to provide new ways to prevent hacking. Currently your account gets unlocked after 15 minutes. We could possibly reduce that. The other option is force login by email address, because your email address isn't public like your Display Name is.

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I would support the use of an email address login. Although business emails are public, one could create a specific Maestronet email account simply for the purpose of  logging in. Would it  be possible within the software to have screen name and login id different, but not necessarily an email?

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In the past spam posts would appear for a period of time until they were removed by admin.  Now it seems that posts by new people are not seen on the board until approved by admin.  If I were a spammer and I could use someone else's account, my spam post could bypass the new-poster hold-up and blocking.

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