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Another Bow for Discussion

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I am not a bow guy...but I am learning from this site, and I appreciate that!

Here is the wooden bow that showed up with the Oscar Davis violin - the other bow was metal and much more heavily used.

This appears to be an unbranded nickel-mounted German bow of decent quality. Weight is 54g. A couple of things to me are interesting about it:

  • The bottom of the ferrule is filed to taper it - no idea why. (see picture)
  • There appear to be at least 2 maker’s lines on the stick, but none on the frog liner
  • The liner has 2 brass pins, the adjuster has no pins.
  • The thumb projection seems relatively thin and short

I would welcome any insights/pointers from experts on this bow. Thanks.








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I'm no expert so take what I say with a giant grain of salt.  The chamfering (and lack thereof) on the head looks somewhat crude and unfinished.  Nothing jumps out (to my eyes) about the wood being special.  Full nickel silver mounted frog, etc., suggests middle of the road student bow.  Maybe one of our true experts will render an opinion soon.

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Thanks, Greg. I was wondering about the chamfering, too. I wonder if lack of chamfering for a bow is always a quality indicator. The wood is nothing special, but not bad.

I also wonder about why the bottom of the ferrule is filed.

Thanks again for chiming in. It is helpful to me to learn what others see when they look at a bow.

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