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Varnish book, recommend or not?

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39 minutes ago, Frank Nichols said:

Violin varnish and how to make it by Georges Foucher

The eBook is only $0.99 - so the cost doesn't matter, my question is, is it a waste of time to get and read?

you can get the Georges Foucher free online    most the ebay violin stuff on ebooks  or pdf or public domain on this site. just search violin varnish varnish&sin=TXT

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Okay, thank you, but the question still remains. My problem at this point is I have about 50 years worth of learning/reading/doing to get done in the next couple years, so I am trying to focus on things that are not a waste of what time I have left :)

Is this work something that would be useful to me when I get to varnishing, or is it just historic information that is mainly context and generally not considered useful to follow today? 

For example, I bought and studied Strobel's Violin making book, only to find out later that it is not highly regarded (to put it nicely)...


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The information is  a good survey of varnishes and material, a little questionable  using hard copal, not easy.  Unless I missed it, the most likely use of rosin as the resin is not mentioned.

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