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For those you are interested in rare violin repertoire from the 20th century, I would like to introduce my Violin concerto project. On my website one can find a free encycloepdia about the compositions for violin concertante in the 20th century with more than 12'000 entries (ISBN 978-3-00-050001-5). In addition I am publishing scores of violin concertos (and also some chamber music for violin) that were unpublished before. I typeset the manuscripts and one can download the scores from my site - again - free of charge. I would be delighted if you could stop by at my site and if you like it, drop a short comment here, that the others know my site is not spam or any other crap.

Here is the starting page:

And here the subpage with the encycloepdia: free encycloepdia "The 20th century violin concertante"

And this is the subpage to get an overview about the scores for download: Scores of violin concertos


If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.

Best wishes,


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Um, looks interesting, I will happily look into what you have uploaded, but... I'd really suggest changing the colours; it's kind of hard to read, a pain on the eyes... My respectful opinion. 

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