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Define new. In this forum appears the add for new visions comming 2006 from time to time. 

The newest strings I tried are EP Gold (died way way to fast, but great between week 2 and 8) and PI (I like them), also the Kaplan Amo/Vivo (liked both) and Corelli cantiga (feel dead to me, esp bad responding on three different violins I tried out). Most of them are around 3 years on the market. 

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Tried the Evah Pirazzi Titanium E, the initial consensus for the Violin it was used on was it was on the shrill side when compared to a Evah Gold E or a Warchal Amber E. Results may very......

Not new but have several folks who have violins that like and work well with the Warchal Ambers, with or with out an Avantgarde A and also the Warchal Amethyst set. 

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4 hours ago, Rue said:

I have no complaint whatsoever. If I had to make one general comment about them it would be that they are "bright".

I would certainly buy them again. I am pleasantly surprised.

But a sample size of more than 1 would also be useful. ^_^


I put on a set about 3 weeks ago on a fiddle I am quite used to,

they were a bit bright at first, in fact surprisingly  so,,, they have now calmed down and work fine.


OOps those are not the ones that I tried!

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3 hours ago, GeorgeH said:



I am looking for opinions on synthetic strings under $25/set.

Anybody ever tried D'Addario Ascenté Violin Strings?


These are the ones someone gave me to try, they started out very crisp and bright, but now are a bit smoother, and clear,,so far they are good, the E string seems strong all the way up, but my fiddles are that way so it might be hard to tell.

I made a mistake in thinking they were the same as Rue's, they are not,,just a  similar but different weird name.



Where do they come up with these names,, motor home and travel trailers are a riot of stupid names,, I envision a conference room with a large table and some old bottles of scotch, cigars and other strange things to smoke with business executives spewing forth any random names that cross their mind, "Wind Blown Mansion" "Slithering Green Snake" "Rolling Castle"

"Expensive Piece OH Crap" would be my choice,,,,

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I'm increasingly leery of the synthetic string market. It seems that the single most important factor relating to both breadth of color and speed of response is tension, and that materials are more a means to achieving a certain tension. 

People say, for example, that Obligato is darker and Evah is brighter. All other things being equal, a set of the former produces less downward force on the bridge than the latter. 

My temptation would be to find a well made and relatively inexpensive set and get the fiddle really well adjusted. That's money better spent than trying all the strings on offer, I believe. 

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