Manchester Maker Antique Violin Help Please

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Hello Everyone

i recently came across this charming Students Violin dated 1898 with manufacturers "Elison & Jacomi" (or similar i may have miss read the handwriting on the label) 

the label also reads 232 Stretford Road Manchester 1898 No 3 ENF

the violin is of good quality it has a single piece back and the border is inlaid rather than drawn on. 


i have checked the directories and general internet and cannot find anything about this manufacturer, could anyone please help with any info ? kind regards Steven


PS the label states it was Manufactured By Elison & Jacomi and not retailed









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Thank you fiddle Collector. after your comment I looked into Chanot and Warwick and they do look very similar however I am inexperienced in old violins. I know the Chanot Violins are of a high quality and are quite valuable. in your opinion would you say based on the photos that this is of similar quality? I wonder if the label is just a small independent manufacturer that may have like Warwick studied under Chanot and started there own business. 


ps I apologise if my writing is poor I am using my phone and predictive text is a nightmare. 

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On 8/4/2017 at 4:09 PM, fiddlecollector said:

Reminds me of GA Chanot or maybe Albert Warwick who trained with him.

Varnish is very like J E Harris of Gateshead...who also trained with G A Chanot. Woodwork looks as good or better than the best Harrises IMHO. Scroll looks particularly good - but maybe nice french trade bought in?

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