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Sharpening Bridge Knives

Jack Devereux

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7 hours ago, David Burgess said:

You have been very naughty.  Need a spankin'. Would you prefer to be spanked by Violadamore, or Sarah G? ;)

Sorry, there's a 2 year waiting list, maybe more if you require a Little Bo-Peep costume in your size like some people I could name..................... :P:lol:

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On 8/3/2017 at 0:26 AM, Jeffrey Holmes said:

My favorite bridge knife (3mm wide folded steel Japanese blade blank).  The length of the blade (cutting edge) is purposefully ground very slightly convex (I find the control is better and when a long straight blade is repeatedly honed it tends to go concave).  The knife works just fine hollow ground, but I tend to hone it repeatedly between grindings, so the hollow disappears for a while :) IMG_0673.JPG

Great looking knife!

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1 hour ago, Frank Nichols said:

What is this "screwdriver" you speak of? I thought that was the proper purpose of my mothers butter knives - driving screws.

Glad you found a practical use for the now obsolete hand-powered butter knife (which has largely been replaced by the Sawzall). The Sawzall with the butter-cutting blade is also pretty good for "cuttin' the cheese".

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Bill, I am going to take your comment seriously. 

I would start with cold water containing a special detergent.  Spartan makes a special enzyme laundry detergent that is especially useful for removing blood.  You will have to make multiple applications and give it a day or so.  Keeping it damp would be useful.  You should be able to tease it out.

This stuff worked for me when my cat left me a bloody, dead mouse on a wool carpet.  I did not notice it for a week until it stunk.  The Spartan product did a perfect removal.  That gallon of Spartan cost about $50.

Mike D

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12 hours ago, Bill Merkel said:

^I'm not a woodworker but it seems like it would be a frequent problem.  I think if I was making a violin part I'd do it from hardest part to easiest so I could scrap it sooner...

Or you could start with less complicated parts and build skill and confidence as you go. Just saying....

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