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Thanks Jacob, I read through it all (your posts only, very informative) but failed to find what I was looking for. Actually, I did see the x-ray image with five dots along the centre line which I believe to be some kind of construction points. Although I fail at the moment to understand their purpose. What I'm hoping for is if there are any CT-images of, for example, the c-bout section where one can get an understanding of how the plates' archings are, inside and out. Maybe they're just not in the public domain as yet?

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These pins in the back that one finds with the Amati's, Guarneri's etc. are certainly a good hint of who learnt in which school (i.e. “Amati School”, Stainer for instance), and who didn't (Strad), and is a handy identification feature that also enables one to side-step BS like “Strad learnt with Amati”. Quite what function these pins in the back had during the construction process though, is to the best of my knowledge, not known for certain, even if I have heard the odd theory. You are welcome to convince me otherwise, but for now I will presume that they were some banal side effect of some jig or the like. I have a sinking feeling that that would be one “Holy Grail” hunt, that finishes up like the “Wizard of Oz”

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1 hour ago, Torbjörn Zethelius said:

At this stage I am merely trying to gather the visual information about Stainer that's out there. I did not intend for this thread to be a discussion about the Amati central pin. 

Have you read Roger Hargrave artical



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4 hours ago, Torbjörn Zethelius said:

Thank you, Carl1961, I hadn't read it before. Hargrave mentions that he had seen that Stainer only used a central hole and this scan of a back with five holes/marks might be an exception. It was published in the other Stainer thread that Jacob Saunders linked to.

I have this drawing, Jacob Stainer 1674 bought on eBay

1. 14mm        7. 15mm

2. 17mm        8.   17mm

3. 17.5mm    9. 17.5mm

4. 17.5mm    10. 17mm

5. 16.mm     11. 15.5mm

6. 17.5         12.  18mm







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3 hours ago, Torbjörn Zethelius said:

That is some weird looking long arches. 

Typically Stainer. 
Some of the copies floating around there have even more exaggerated arches, presumably because the makers of the copies wanted to stress the "Stainerischness" of their wares.
The three examples in the screen capture image below are from among the many examples provided on the CD-ROM sold by Canadian violin maker Richard Perras, with whom I have no other connection:
http://rperras.tripod.com/index.htm   (see last link on that index page, titled X X X X X_SPECIAL_OFFER _X X X X X).


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22 hours ago, Torbjörn Zethelius said:

That is some weird looking long arches. 

looking at this plane and Roger Hargrave article I see the arch on back and top in this plan looks identical but Roger Hargrave article shows the back arch farther out, also his article shows the violin with a straight neck and rather very thick finger board to make projection correct, so this plan sure is not correct, but on this link  posted above http://rperras.tripod.com/id44.htm  the back and tops or more even and some the back shorter  weird

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So, noob question here...

The drawings seem to show symmetrical graduations but the CT scan clearly doesn't seem to be symmetrical (specially on the back plate). And I've seen Strads and Del Gesu are now famous for being all over the place with their graduations. Are those symmetrical graduations just wrong even though they seem to appear everywhere on violin-making plans?

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