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Thoughts about this violin

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Hi, I have been offered this violin for a few hundred dollars. What do you think about it, worth to try without better pics and beeing able to examine in real?

My current thoughts: nice wood, ugly and not well crafted scroll. Cant see major damage. Scroll makes EHR pretty much impossible. 





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Looks like a serviceable Markie. For a few hundred cant go wrong unless there is unseen damage.

Why not a Roth? Many are average instruments IMO.

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Ernst Heinrich Roth I violins I saw have all been fantastic instruments, I remember a specific one beeing even top solist material. The ones I saw were all crafted very precisly. Of course there are many workshop violins around, not beeing too good. 

Markie from this time was a early thought from me too, but isnt the wood a bit too good for that period?

I remember a list where a British (?) luthier scored the  violins he worked on between 0-3, 3 beeing best. A few Strads and Guarneris between, but also some Roth violins that scored with 3. Sadly I cannot find it right now. 

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I was told it says 1725, but without proove in terms of a picture. As it turned out I thought to long about it and somebody else got offered it too and immidiatly bought it. 


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Well you saw where one of those stands in the list. If the quality wasn't good then perhaps it was a fake. The above mentioned Martin Swan is an admirer as he recognises quality over fancy Italian names...perhaps he will chip in.

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Hi i need help with this violin any know  history or anithing about this

Jacubus stainer in absam 1659 










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