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Hi everyone,

I left up a question some time ago in the "ugliest scroll" (or smth) thread, but nobody seemed to pick it up, so I come again: could you identify the wood of this fiddle (back and ribs) and perhaps guess, from which country could it be from.

There is no reason to try to guess which Otto or Pierre or John could have made it, but perhaps country/region could be determined, with some certainty, as it is not likely that such a village fiddle would travel far. Or could it? I got it from UK.

What else? BOB, through neck as you see, and normal bass-bar, earlier (weird) repairs.




inside 2.jpg



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My interest is not merely a brain exercise.

I got it restored; it makes decent sound with a set of Zyex. Has been standing idle for years or decades, so it keeps further evolving. A is particularly good already now.

A folk fiddler tried and liked it too; besides the sound, it blends in nicely due to its rustic look. So I might be giving it out to be played, hence the question.

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