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My dad recently purchased a violin at a used instrument store that primarily sells guitars. I am looking to learn what the violin might be (possible origin, age etc.) and if it is worth getting set up to play (the string spacing feels odd and the bridge is thick). If I missed any photographs that are crucial for identification, or if the photographs are too large to see, let me know what would be beneficial to add. 






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I like it!

The alignment pins on the back look nice. Is a small part cut away by the purfling?

Also, the lower rib looks like a one-piece rib w/o joint at the endpin?

I don't think you'll have any luck with an ID though. As Jocob Saunders said, with modern instruments we have a global amalgamation of styles. Almost anything could be from almost anywhere.

Your best bet at assessing the instument is to visit a good luthier (who will do your brigde and maybe sound post) and have him give you an opinion, at least on quality and value if not on origin.

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Guido, the pins on the back don't cut into the purfling at all. I think the purfling is real but it is harder to see this than on my older stainer copy so I am not sure about this. The lower rib is not one piece. There is a seam at the endpin. 

I am going to take it to a luthier soon for evaluation and setup. 

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I think the violin can only be from China or from Reghin, and relatively recent as Jacob says. It's definitely mass-produced, and no-one else is making violins in quantity ...

The set-up looks fine for the quality of instrument - I don't find the string spacing odd or the bridge unduly thick.

It's not a "branded" instrument, since it has a fake Italian label, but it looks pretty decent. You would find something like this in a violin shop in the UK for anything between £300 and £800, depending on the shop ... probably more if it was new rather than used.

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