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Best peg paste for boxwood pegs

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I've read the discussion about peg compounds recently, and it seems people are using a variety of things successfully. One thing I'd like to know, which isn't mentioned in that discussion, is what do people find to be the best peg paste for boxwood pegs, which will not turn the peg shanks black/dirty looking? Traditional peg paste seems to leach into the wood and discolour it, which can't really be removed.

I know all about Hill peg paste, which is fine for dark pegs, but I'm really looking for something to keep my boxwood pegs looking nice. Soap and things like that just don't seem to work well over time, although the pegs can feel good for a few weeks after application.

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Are you using natural (blonde) boxwood pegs? Typically boxwood is stained with various methods to achieve the dark red -brown we're used to seeing. Some baroque style instruments are set up with blonde boxwood fittings, and it can be a very nice look. 

Pretty much every recipe for peg compound I've ever seen includes some jeweler's rouge, which is dark brown and will darken the insides of the peg holes and the shafts of the pegs. 

It's best to keep as neat as you can when applying the peg compound. I will add a little soap to the shaft and spin it the peg in the hole a little first, this makes the area of contact shiny and easy to see. Then I carefully apply the compound to just that area. Lately I've taken to using a small short bristled brush to apply peg compound. 



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Thank you Michael,

The boxwood is stained but perhaps not heavily, I'd say it's a yellow brown, which I quite like, rather than the dull looking darker red/brown. 
Maybe the only way to avoid discolouring the shafts is to use a tiny amount with the brush as you have suggested. I was tempted to try some hard wax because it is clear/white, but I'm worried that this really won't work well.

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