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During a recent discussion the subject of an ignore function, to avoid having to see particularly vexatious contributors, was once again raised. Such a thing is here, I assume as part of the recent upgrade. Simply hover over the member's name in the discussion and up pops a box with a handy dandy ignore user button RIGHT THERE.  Thanks admins, sanity is saved.

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I don't understand this "ignore function".  Why would someone want to ignore some other one?  Can't you just skip over that "vexatious" comment?  And does the ignore function last forever, i.e., you would never see a post by this particular person again?  It seems to me that the editors are doing a good job, or posters are not vexing people, because so far I have not come across a person that I wish to "ignore".   Can you give me an example of a "vexatious" post?

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I think I could give you some examples that have caused some ruffled feathers recently (not my feathers:- mine have mostly fallen out due to age and I am generally a member of the peanut gallery rather than a performer) but I should do so privately as one man's vexatious post is the next man's entertainment. I personally have not used the ignore button, but can see a point where one might become so ticked off with someone that not seeing their posts at all would lead to a reduction in blood pressure. However, for the greater good, being able to see those posts and correct misapprehensions, would still be a better thing to do provided that blood pressure can be maintained in the safe zone via meditation or medication!

I would also agree that the Jeffrey does a magnificent job at keeping order, and that as a community we generally manage to do a good job of self policing. Its just that the subject got raised a little while ago and soon after I discovered the magic button quite by accident.


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