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Violin ID (transitional neck)

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Hello everybody!

I bought a cheap 7/8 violin on eBay for pupils of my wife.
It looks like fairly rustically instrument, but it has an original transitional neck,
which creates problems for using it in education. 
I have to decide: to rebuild it into a modern setup, or to save it for early music
(the violin sounds much better than it looks even in its current poor condition).
I hope I can find some help in choosing here (note, my wife does not accept an option with burning:D).
What may be the origin of the violin, some German workshop?

It came also with a bow, which is about 2 cm shorter of the modern and has an old style frog (see the pictures). 




Vln soundhole.jpg



Bow tip.jpg

Bow frog 1.jpg

Bow frog 2.jpg

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How far off are the dimensions from what a modern 7/8 should be? Neck too short? Bad angle? Neck too thin? A lot of times instruments like this pretty close to modern dimensions. And since its already a petite size, you have some room to play, since there seems to be more variability in smaller sizes.

I would look for it fitting into the 2:3 neck:stop ratio, and a neck projection that would give a workable bridge height. If that works out close enough just set it up and play.

My first guess was that this is an early-mid 19th century Saxon with a through neck, but the more I look at it maybe its something else.


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@deans, thank you for the reply! The neck is thorough, as I can see from the button hole. Does it mean, that your first guess was correct?
I looked to the instrument more intently and found that measures and angle are almost OK. The last can be improved a little by lowering of the nut, which is too high now (so the fingerboard has a wedge shape in opposite direction to beech wedge under it).
A problem for the pupil can make increasing thickness of the neck and its original shape of the heel, which are not extremely "baroque", but still perceptible by violinist. 
I hope it will be good enough to not serve as children instrument, because I really don't want to touch the neck.

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On 28.05.2017 at 2:08 AM, mendicus said:

please don't rebuild it,it would be pity. How much did you pay for it? If you don't want it I would buy it:)

The cost was 500$. And also there was a great story on the border - the local "expert" identified it as a "German workshop" instrument which "has a cultural value". The Customs officer didn't accept such "expertise", so the violin stayed on their warehouse whole month, during which they were discussing whether the workshop instrument can have a cultural value or not. So you understand that it would be impossible to move it back through the border to sell it to you)))

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