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Bach Cantata No 130


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So this came up in my feed the other day. I suppose it could have been posted in the Scroll, but its actually more about the music.


Does anyone know if there is a urtext of this available anywhere, of any recordings featuring this solo?




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There are editions of this work that are claimed to be from the Urtext, but published much later than its composition.  A simple internet search should get you a bunch of hits.

IMSLP has a version whose whose 1st trumpet of the 3rd part, the Aria, is exactly the first several measures of the picture you posted.

There are fascimiles of the surviving autograph scores for free viewing. One site you can check out is https://www.bach-digital.de.



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It's not clear from the description what it is, but it might be from a different arrangement of BWV 130, with violin obbligato instead of trumpet.  For an urtext of 130 the IMSLP has the whole Bach Gesellschaft, or you could get hold of the Neue Gesellschaft somehow.  I think it would be good for a Bach concert if that's what you have in mind.  The cantatas with violin obbligato are my favorite music.  Here is a list of them http://www.bach-cantatas.com/Topics/Violin.htm

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Bill and Ctanzio thanks for  the input, yes I was thinking that this is from an arrangement where the obligato is played by violin rather than trumpet and the similarity between this score and the trumpet on the IMSLP Cantata would seem to suggest that this is the case. I was wondering if there was a score somewhere ready to go,  so to speak.

Yes the idea is for a concert. I am slammed at work and have not even had 7 minutes to watch the you tube link, but I have  skimmed the other link which I will revisit when life eases up a bit. I can't find any recoded version of Cantata 130 where the violin replaces the trumpet. I guess the violin gets so much of the good stuff we shouldn't begrudge 130 to the trumpet, but still...Bach did have the violin in mind at some point:)

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I was looking at this more carefully.  The manuscript is from an arrangement for strings of the bass aria from 130, which is in the appendix of New Bach Edition, volume 30.  It's the beginning of the first violin part, not a solo or anything else.   In the edition of the original 130 I looked at it's triplets in alla breve, but here it's in 12/8.   The manuscript page auctioned for a little over $600,000.  The auction description is a little bit wrong, calling it a long lost solo, but also a first violin part, etc.


Whole arrangement for strings from NBE :


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