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Hi, I wonder if anyone could assist me in identifying this violin? 

It was purchased in Twente in The Netherlands but has no makers label.  It has a repaired crack above the right side f hole. It plays well and has a nice warm sound.

Any thoughts would appreciated as I have very little information on it. 






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Gebrüder Placht was a very large Schönbach Manufacturer which had an immense commercial connection to some of the Viennese violin makers. The paper trail of this business relationship is for instance still lying in a dusty corner of Lemöck's shop (in the Musikverein, which is still a thriving business). Thus one gets to see these instruments often enough around here. They display all the Schönbach characteristics, which I listed in the „Markneukirchen“ half of this list once before, here: https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/325798-quiz-for-addie/&do=findComment&comment=538590

They had subsidiaries in Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, and presumably America, although the violin making was done in Schönbach. There were other enterprises in Schönbach who could just as well have made the instrument, so you will not be able to start calling it a „Placht“, at least not on my authority


The give-away with the varnish, is that one can see how an earlier, darker varnish has soaked into the end-grain parts, and the soft annual rings.


One should also remember that the violin-makers/dealers in the K&K monarchy could order violins directly in Schönbach, whereas to order one from nearby Markneukirchen, one would have had to cross a border, and pay customs.

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