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I'll post a few more photos once I decide which strings I like best.

So far I'm very happy with the tone and responsiveness. I did buy a new Coda Joule viola bow (67g). I feel like my Diamond GX violin bow (62g) is a bit lite for the short scale viola strings. 


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Thanks Mike!

I'm using the cane a lot these days when my knees act up.  Last time I was in the hospital one nurse really like it....turned out she played viola. Go figure...: )

I hope your project is moving along well.

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The Sultana is now complete and so here are a few more photos...it has been strung up with a few different string combinations, both violin and viola. So far I like it with short viola strings best.


-To Conor and Colm...Thank you both very much...I thoroughly enjoyed building this fiddle.

























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The ribs are thinner. Plate thicknesses are respectable I think. Definitely not light but responsive with great dynamic range.  I'm very happy with it. Thank you Conor!!.....I hope you do too!

Now I need to find the right bow. I tried a Coda Joule viola bow (70.2) which made a huge difference but felt a little too heavy. Besides that the screw had a defect in it so I sent it back. I'm now waiting to try  a Joule violin bow (61.5). My Coda Diamond GX violin bow (62.0) is too light. But they say the joule bows are heavier in the top end of the bow.


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Looks great E!   The baroque bridge fits right in.  It seems to me that doing something different would make it that much easier to see what you are doing when working on something more familiar.  Not sure that made sense.  Made sense to me!  

Nice job,


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44 minutes ago, Edward Byler said:

At least temporarily E, I put black super glue in the nut slot that is too wide and when dry reslot it. I need to order a new tube of fast drying black super glue that dries faster . It’s hard to find 

Thanks Edd, I never heard of fast drying black ca glue before...let me know where I can get it.

Maybe Stew Mac? 

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19 hours ago, RedneckEngineer Fred said:

How about using regular super glue mixed with ebony sawdust?  

Maybe... I used a black commercial product mixed into epoxy to inlay the compass rose...and that worked very well.

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