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Lyon & Healy Certificate with violin


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My mother sent a copy of the certificate from Lyon & Healy that had accompanied her violin at sale, as well as a copy of Moennig's evaluation that it is/was in their opinion a Sgarabotto.  The Lyon & Health 1917 catalog that contained the instrument numbered 4954, as well as the certificate, state: 

Giuseppe Guadagnini, Milan, i 750-1 760 

Number 4954. Giuseppe Guadagnini was the second son of Giovanni 

Battista. He followed in his father's footsteps with respect to model and 

general character of workmanship, his violins being very often mistaken 

for those of his parent. This instrument is in a perfect state of preservation 

and has an exceedingly large, robust, brilliant tone. It is an excellent 

violin for a soloist, teacher or orchestra player. 

Price: $2yOOO 


This violin was sold to one Robert Vauk of South Dakota on January 8, 1918.


The only thing I can think of is that the certificate may have been separated from its original violin.  The description reads:  "The back is formed by one piece of handsome curly maple, which is matched by the maple of the sides. The top is of spruce of the choicest selection, of straight even grain.  The varnish is of a reddish brown color.  This instrument is in an excellent state of preservation and is No. 4954 in our records."


Moennig in 1974 writes "Violin labelled J.B. Guadagnini, Milan 17??, in our opinion, is the work of Cavaliere Gaetano Sgarabotto during the first quarter of the century.  The back is of one piece slab-cut maple, with narrow irregular flames.  The sides and scroll are similar to that of the back.  The top is of two piece pine mostly of medium broad grain.  The varnish is an orange-brown color."


As Martin had pointed out earlier, the violin looks like kind of a rough and ready somebody's idea of a Guadagnini.  It's kind of gouge-y looking with fixed cracks in the top, messy purfling, and looks as if it took quite a hit at some point.  Despite all it is a real nice sounding violin and pretty to look at.


My question is - do you think the Lyon & Healy certificate belongs to this violin?  Any any other comments appreciated, as well.  I'm just trying to flesh out what I know about this instrument.


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