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There are so many different violins, fiddles, violinist and fiddlers, equipped with all sorts of accessories in all imaginable shapes and conditions, that it is not impossible to come to the situation where the heap of problems appears at once. Recently, I had such a situation and I ask for the help from Mr. Bohdan Warchal, the member of this forum and the person who stands behind the Warchal brand. Occasionally, I had some problems with the other strings, but I have never got any helpful answer, maybe just because the communication between the manufacturer and the user is completely impersonal, or maybe it is just my impression. This time, I got very elaborate analysis of the causes of the problem, a few various possible solutions and even more - the generous friendly move, which is something that one can get only if behind some product stands the right, live person, genuinely devoted to his business. Maybe the strings are not the big deal for some of you, but for me, the strings are something that I have to use "as is", without any possibility to change something, so the assistance in the process of their selection and use is of maximum importance. Which is something I have got from Warchal. I am not in any way connected with the Warchal as a company, nor with Mr. Bohdan Warchal as a person, I am just one humble, pleased customer.

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I love Warchal strings and they have been inexpensive for me when I buy a bunch on sale. I have not tried Amber yet or the new E string but prefer the Brilliants on my instrument. 


Mr. Warchal also answers string questions and gives the best advice on strings out there in my opinion. 


He also did a very interesting blind rosin test where the results are listed on his site. 

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Having tried all of the Warchal strings I absolutely agree with Franc. But I think it all comes down to the build of the fiddle. Changing strings will not correct all aspects of poor sounding instruments. I have gone through enough builds to realize this fact. Strings will only do so much within parameters. In good parameters I find Warchal strings in the top echelon and I applaud Mr Warchal and his company. I hope they stay in business as long as I am alive. 

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