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Here is a Spanish violist, one generation younger than Tamestit, playing on a Enrico Catenar instrument from roughly the same era as Tamestit's Strad, and frankly it sounds much better for a fraction of the money. 

People should really lose this obsession with the Strad brand.

Tabea Zimmermann, arguably the premier recording alto player of the turn of the century, plays on a 1980 Etienne Vatelot.


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The Strad is "The Gustav Mahler" our own Manfio has examined it up close (lucky guy!) The Spanish young lady did play well and the Brahms is a great piece to show off a viola's sound.  I wish we had been able to hear the Strad.  The tailpiece is a a French Bois D'Harmonie one.  I don't think it is a reflection on the function of the pegs, but rather a choice of the player.  I would like to try one sometime but they are a bit pricey to try on a whim. They make pretty crazy carved pegs too.



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Antoine is such a nice guy and viola test driver. It was nice having the Mahler Strad viola in my hands, there are very few Strad violas.

As I took the Mahler in my hands I immediately remembered of the Hill's book, the head is very big when compared to the viola's soundbos.

Antoine produces a beautiful sound on it, quite a fine player.



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