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Has anyone any knowledge or experience with the Codabow "Marquise GS"


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I was surprised to learn of this new offering from Codabow they're calling the "Marquise GS." But apparently it's not really new. They're claiming that they've been making top of the line custom bows for select private customers for years now. They've called this the "Marquise One" line. One particular custom design was favored above all others, so they've introduced that as a standard model.

It's totally new news to me that they did anything like this. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with Marquise Codabows they could share.



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One thing I have noticed with my viola Coda GX is they perhaps do not use the same quality of hair as my usual person.  I don't really understand what the new bow has compared to the regular bows.  Are they a sort of hybrid using some wood? I really do not see any reason that carbon bows cannot eventually be very , very good.  You won't find very many wooden, Skis, Tennis Rackets, Fishing poles (except $$$$ fly rods), or many other sorts of things.





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I mainly use a Coda Diamond violin bow and have had this bow since they first come out with this model. I wonder if this new Marquise has been introduced to compete with the higher end Jon Paul carbon fiber bows. A lot of people prefer the higher end Jon Paul to the  Coda bows. There is no Jon Paul dealer near me or I would have tried one out. A lot of the small shops around here sell the Coda line.

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Unless they have changed their spots, Codabow is very secretive; so, you will not get any real information from them.  I have played with all the Codabows for cello, and I can tell you that they are pretty-good. 


Now here is the bad news:  by careful looking, you can always find a wood bow that plays better than a Codabow and for less money.  In a nutshell--wood bows are still the best.


My family has two of the original Codabow "classics" for violin.  They are very good, but my wife and son always reach for their wood bows, first.  I would look for one of the original "classics" on ebay--they almost never come up for sale which should tell you something about the progress they have made in CF bows (which is not as much as you would think).  Look at the other CF manufacturers such as Arcus which are really different because they are so light weight and unusually stiff.


Mike D

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