Nicks of the non-Stevie variety

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We occasionally see on older instruments a repair that has moved the position of the f-hole nicks. From the perspective of modern experience, any thoughts on how the old nicks might have been "filled in"?  Or are we just talking about a very small patch job?  Perhaps Austin Powers' last observation in this clip?


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I appreciate your vigilance, Jackson.  Truth be told, notches is the term I first learned, ironically from a German-trained maker.  Ironically, because I first heard the term nick being used in school where the German influence as also dominant.  Perhaps in the latter case, a distinction was being made between a delicate and a more forceful cut.  In the former case, we definitely were taught a more aggressive style in terms of the result.

And only because I am a wordplay addict, maybe this is what the Monty Python crew was talking about:

"Know what a mean, know what a mean?  Notch notch! Say n'more, say n'more"!


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19 hours ago, JacksonMaberry said:

I'd agree if there was ever any confusion about what Julian meant, but there wasn't. Where there is a decided lack of clarity I'm all for drawing sharp distinctions between similar terms. 


I flat out just don't know how to draw a distinction between between the two terms. As far as Stevie is concerned, she is on key most always but I am not trying to pitch her singing abilities.

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Anyway, if you've got a Mantegazza with a stop length of 203mm and you could put £30k onto the price by repositioning the nicks/notches, I think you would acquire the skills.

Very often entire f-holes are recut to make them look better, or to correct the ravages of some amateur practising soundpost setting. You tend to see this done by laying in 4-5 grains of wood at a time, maybe fewer on smaller areas. Sometimes wider grain wood is used for infill and the grain is painted on - if the work is really good you might never notice unless you look inside.



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