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Scoop on baroque fingerboards?

Guglielmus Carinius

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I would imagine they may. A lot of baroque violin repertoire centers around 1st and 3rd positions, which is what the scoop is there for, I.e. the low positions. 


Although, the fingerboard is typically much shorter, which may change the circumstances.

I suppose it all comes down to the use of gut strings, and I'm not sure if those have a wider vibration than steel. 

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Gut strings are quite flexible and need scoop every bit as much as modern materials. And while a lot of baroque Fingerboards we're veneered, they were veneered rather thickly compared with, for example, furniture. Our own Salve Håkedal suggests an ebony layer 1.5mm thick, plenty of room for scoop.


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I've had to shoot a few viol fingerboards over the years. They're  fretted with gut, and without a bit of scoop, the strings can rattle and  buzz against the frets like mad.

I imagine the  better educated old violin  makers would  have been aware of  this and  dressed their  fingerboards to  work  properly.

But I don't  know. The later ebony  ones often seem to have a much  tighter radius  at the nut  end, and can be a bit haphazard, I  suppose  depending on the maker, but  people  seem to  have  played away merrily on them anyway. 




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