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Cleaning your violin

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Help, please.  I have a nice looking violin. I wish to clean rosin and dirt off. It seems to have some kind of sticky wax on it. Recommdations please.

I have read this thread, but still wonder about the sticky wax. On my violins, I use renaissance wax, which provides a slick feel, not sticky.


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If it is free of citric acid then yes.

I have a mixture of orange oil, turpentine and linseed oil (with the label of furniture polish) that works well for my violins but I would not use it on anything valuable as the turpentine could dissolve the varnish and the linseed oil can form a layer on top. 


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I would give a chance to Zippo petrol or mineral oil (liquid paraffin) too.

EDIT (I forgot the classics): This is what I usually do (Thanks, J. Saunders): 

keeping in mind this:


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