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interesting auction at amati


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I was just about to post about this as well.

Looks like this is going to be a very interesting auction. Going to pick James Buchanan’s brains on this one. Can’t wait for the catalogue to come out.

Surely, there must be a living Cremonese master who would be able to recognise his own work in the white...



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3 hours ago, victordriver said:

Sorry the link doesn't say much. Do you have further information/another link?

Just this text from an email notification.Aparrently 12 are by Luigi villa , but dont know whether thats 12 out of 100 or another 12 ?? Maybe James Buchanan can comment if he`s reading this.


white violins.JPG

white violins2.JPG

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Evening all,

Thanks for mentioning us Fiddlecollector. 

The catalogue for the March sale isn’t up yet. Should be live on Monday. There is just so much ‘stuff’ to photograph.

A bit of clarity. There are two collections in the auction. One big (Walter Stewart’s), and one small (Luigi Villa - which is 12 instruments). 

I drove a massive van down to Northern Italy a few weekends ago and threw both collections in the back. Made it to Calais with ten miles of diesel left in the tank and two minutes to spare. Horrifying.

We hope the sale does well. We have never come across a collection like this before and it is a bit of step into the unknown. If some of the names that have been mentioned in connection with these violins could be proved we would be looking at hefty prices, but there just isn’t the paper-trail for us to support the attributions so are playing it safe at £10 - 20. 


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Contraband bow probably meant something different back then than it does now.  

How about a contest to guess the average sale price in the auction?  I would guess there has to be one or two dogs or experiments in the mix that will drag down the average to $4500.  Winner gets a formerly contraband bow donated by JS.  The whiteness is no problem, rather an opportunity to customize -- some of you guys are going to be varnishing some violins for somebody...


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11 minutes ago, jacobsaunders said:

Why not? An unvarnished Markneukirchen “Schachtel” is quite good value for ten quid, particularly if you can spend weeks masturbating about which Italian geezer made it.

You sound sceptical about the country of manufacture :o. Surely you read that the man threw all these violins in the back of a truck in ITALY.....

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30 minutes ago, fiddlecollector said:

I only posted because i thought it will attract some interesting bidding .Of course there will always be the sceptical comments on these type of lots but interesting never the less.

Did the makers not mark the instruments inside in any way??? I know nothing about Walter Stewart at all .

This is a very interesting post. Don't let my silliness make you think otherwise. And yes I will have a look at them when the catalogue comes on line. 

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1 hour ago, fiddlecollector said:

 I know nothing about Walter Stewart at all .

Wally Stewart, as I remember him from my childhood was a well-travelled commercial traveller in violins and violin paraphernalia in the 60's/70's, who was also quite well known in the German trade of the time. I am not old enough to judge his German, suffice to say though it was good enough for Walter Hamma have him write the English text of his 1964 book ”Italian Violin Makers”, which I presume you will have on your bookshelf.

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